Our Services

The Company focuses on a number of key dynamics and industry sectors, including:

R&D and Australian Grant Cashflow Financing

managed by
Ben Tovell
Executive Director, Greenard Willing Structured Products Pty Ltd

Finance and Corporate Advisory Services for accessing the Indian Market

managed by
Jeff Castellas
Managing Director, Greenard Willing India

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Services are provided to sophisticated investors and institutions seeking:

  • Volume order execution
  • Competitive commission rates


Greenard Willing’s range of corporate services, includes:

  • R&D Tax Incentive Debt/Equity Cashflow Financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset and business disposals
  • Business and company support and defence against potential company takeovers
  • Demergers
  • Joint ventures and other business and company alliances
  • Privatisations
  • Leveraged buy-outs
  • Capital raisings (equity, debt, hybrid and government grants)

Greenard Willing’s corporate advisory roles can vary from transaction to transaction, but will generally comprise:

  • Advice on the overall approach to the transaction, including approach strategy and negotiating tactics
  • Assistance with the assembly of an appropriate team of professional advisers
  • Co-ordination of the advice received from other advisers
  • Valuation, including, where appropriate or required by local legislation, a formal “fairness opinion” on the financial terms of the transaction
  • Assistance with the co-ordination of due diligence (but not the design or execution of the due diligence programme)
  • Advice on and design of the optimal structure for the proposed transaction, which will in turn impact on how the transaction may best be financed
  • Advice on proposed financing arrangements, working with the proposed finance provider or capital markets issuer
  • Advice on likely market reaction to a proposed transaction, in conjunction with equity market specialists where appropriate (namely corporate or institutional brokers)
  • Advice and assistance with design of investor communications, in conjunction with any external financial public relations or investor relations agency that has been appointed
  • Oversight of the production of transaction documentation, in close co-operation with the client’s legal advisers

Investment Advisory Services

The three Directors of GW have over 60 years’ experience in capital markets and provide support for external investment committees, either through advice on establishing the most appropriate structure and/or involvement in investment committees as independent members. Ken Fleming currently sits on a number of investment committees with financial planning groups as an independent member.

R&D and Australian Grant Cashflow Financing

Finance and Corporate Advisory Services For Accessing The Indian Market

Greenard Willing India provides specialist financial and corporate advisory services for the Indian market by building upon the successful business model that has generated material value for our clients.

Greenard Willing India’s services include:

  • Australia-India technology transfer and commercialisation
  • Strategic planning and business growth planning
  • Partner search for Australian companies seeking joint ventures
  • Indian professional detailed engineering, procurement and construction services
  • Australian companies manufacturing in India for global deployment
  • Establishing pilot, commercial demonstration and full commercial projects in India for Australian technologies
  • M&A Advisory services for Indian companies with an interest in investing or acquiring Australian technologies
  • Capital raising (debt, equity, grants)

Greenard Willing India has partnered with the YES BANK Ltd Sustainable Investment Banking (SIB) Group to deliver specialised investment advisory services to Australian and Indian companies, and corporate advisory partners throughout India to deliver results and agreed upon milestones.