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R&D Financing Media Release August 2015

In August 2015, Greenard Willing Structured Products (“GWSP”) launched a US$200M+ finance program to support funding of large R&D projects. This program is the largest of its kind in Australia and is targeting projects >AU$20M where demonstrated risk makes it difficult for project proponents to obtain traditional project financing. Founding Director, Glenn Fozard, comments, “This loans program is designed to fill a gap in the project financing challenge for large CAPEX commercial demonstration projects, which often escape our shores to geographies where risk capital is more readily available. Filling this middle market financing gap will help Australia capitalise further on our knowledge economy and limit the flight of late stage R&D expenditure to overseas destinations”. Executive Director, Ben Tovell comments, “After a number of years working at the top end of town, we sought to create a mechanism that could make a difference to emerging technology companies aiming to get there – and remain in Australia”.

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