About Us

Greenard Willing

Greenard Willing is a specialist corporate finance provider with a core focus on highly customised finance solutions in a number of key sectors, in both the listed and unlisted markets.

The Company focuses on a number of key dynamics and industry sectors, including:

This list is not exhaustive and we remain opportunistic. Our core focus includes:

  • Funding of R&D companies and projects
  • Analysing and understanding small to micro-cap listed companies within these sectors
  • Finding unlisted companies within these sectors that are seeking funding; partners and/or ASX listing
  • Providing research where the story is compelling and we see opportunities for introducing the company or companies (listed or unlisted) to micro-cap and small cap institutional fund managers, debt providers and other industry partners
  • Conducting due diligence to ascertain if the above companies meet the requirements to be considered as candidates for “R&D Finance” See PRODUCTS.